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When you have a beautiful outdoor living space and like to entertain in your backyard, you don’t want to have to worry about pests like mosquitoes that can put a damper on your outdoor activities. Since spraying chemical insect repellents can create unpleasant and unhealthy fumes, try planting natural flowers or herbs that can help keep the mosquitoes away from your backyard landscaping instead.

Read about five plants that you can use in and around your backyard landscaping to deter mosquitoes this summer.


A hardy annual plant, marigolds are a good option for repelling mosquitoes. Marigolds contain Pyrethrum, an ingredient found in many insect repellents, and they give off a distinct aroma which bugs find repulsive. The flowers themselves are bright and beautiful, so they make a nice addition to any flowerbed as well.


Plant basil in decorative containers and set the containers out on your patio or deck. Not only will you have the benefit of a natural mosquito repellent, you will have a tasty herb to use in your favorite recipes. There are several different types of basil that you can find your local nursery, but most gardeners recommend lemon basil or cinnamon basil when it comes to being most effective at deterring mosquitoes.


Lavender is an attractive purple flowering plant that has a soothing, calming scent, and it’s a natural mosquito repellent as well. Grow lavender in your backyard garden or in containers on your patio to keep the bugs away. You can also use dried lavender inside of your house or in your drawers as potpourri.


Most bugs avoid the scent of peppermint. Plant peppermint around your home, it will help keep mosquitoes and other insects away. If you or someone in your family does happen to get a bug bite, you can rub peppermint leaves directly onto the skin as an itch relief treatment.


Rosemary is a flowering herb that is often used to flavor lamb or fish recipes; however, it’s an effective natural mosquito repellent too. If you add rosemary to your herb garden or flowerbed to keep mosquitoes away, there is an added benefit — it attracts butterflies.

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Photo credits: Hans Braxmeier (marigolds), Hoffie Nursery (basil)

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