Completely Avoidable Landscaping Problems

As a homeowner, you want to invest in an outdoor living space that will be beautiful and low-maintenance for years to come. The professional foresight of a landscape designer can help you avoid landscaping problems that can cost more time, money and frustration later on down the line. Erosion can be an ongoing challenge. If …READ MORE

6 Ways Landscape Design Increases Your Property Value

Professional landscape and hardscape design can accentuate your home’s best architectural features. In many cases, landscaping improvements provide a big boost to your home’s curb appeal, but there’s more to the story. There are a few other ways landscape design not only makes your home more attractive from an aesthetic standpoint, but from a time …READ MORE

Case Study: Glen Ellyn Landscaping Project

This landscaping project required careful attention to detail and consideration with regard to the site and home under renovation. The home has a flat roof and open floor plan with a mid-century modern architectural style. Landscaping Challenges Working with severe grade or topography. Limited space and heavily wooded site, which posed equipment some challenges. House …READ MORE

New Perennial Selections for This Year

Every year, we team up with the professionals at Hoffie Nursery to incorporate the highest quality perennials into our DuPage County landscape design projects. Check out this list of new perennial picks for this year. Take a Look at These New Perennials for 2020 Delosperma Pink. Ideal for container gardens or ground cover, the Delosperma …READ MORE

How to Know When to Replace or Rejuvenate Shrubs

If you’re bothered by a few of your shrubs that look more like an eyesore than an enhancement to your landscaping, you’re not alone. There are times when shrubs are planted in the wrong places or are nearing the end of their lifecycle. In these cases, you should ask yourself a few questions. When to …READ MORE

We Finished Your Landscape Design Project, Now What?

If you previously hired Landscape Creations to complete a landscape design project for you, let’s stay in touch. We are grateful for all of the customers and homeowners we’ve met as a result of our over 25 years in business, so we’d like to continue to serve as a resource for you in the years …READ MORE

Case Study: Bartlett Outdoor Entertainment Area

Design and install an outdoor entertainment area with a water feature and fire pit. Include mature trees and existing heirloom plants within the new landscape design. Outdoor Entertainment Area Challenge Incorporate wooded and shaded setting with mature oak and hickory trees within the area of desired development. Consider sloped topography, at 4-5’ of grade. Connect …READ MORE

10 Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting Versus Traditional Bulbs

When the sun sets, residential LED landscaping lighting will offer you a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. While traditional bulbs may be cheaper in the short term, the long-term benefits of outdoor LED lighting will most assuredly outweigh your initial investment. Low voltage LED landscape lighting is much more …READ MORE

Case Study: Wheaton Landscape Renovation

This Wheaton, IL landscape project required us to use a great deal of innovation in order to tie in the remaining plantings and architectural elements with the new. Landscape Renovation Challenge Restore, rebuild, and renovate a landscape that had been destroyed in a tragic home fire while updating the landscape and hardscape to modern trends …READ MORE

10 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Roses in Your Landscaping

When considering perennials to incorporate into your landscaping, few create the stunning impact that roses do. Most roses are either shrubs, ramblers, or climbers. This means that thoughtful placement can make a world of difference when it comes to visual appeal. Climbing roses on a brick wall or trellis. Roses can add seasonal color and …READ MORE