Completely Avoidable Landscaping Problems

As a homeowner, you want to invest in an outdoor living space that will be beautiful and low-maintenance for years to come. The professional foresight of a landscape designer can help you avoid landscaping problems that can cost more time, money and frustration later on down the line. Erosion can be an ongoing challenge. If …READ MORE

bluestone patio

6 Ways Landscape Design Increases Your Property Value

Professional landscape and hardscape design can accentuate your home’s best architectural features. In many cases, landscaping improvements provide a big boost to your home’s curb appeal, but there’s more to the story. There are a few other ways landscape design not only makes your home more attractive from an aesthetic standpoint, but from a time …READ MORE

glen ellyn landscaping project

Case Study: Glen Ellyn Landscaping Project

This landscaping project required careful attention to detail and consideration with regard to the site and home under renovation. The home has a flat roof and open floor plan with a mid-century modern architectural style. Landscaping Challenges Working with severe grade or topography. Limited space and heavily wooded site, which posed equipment some challenges. House …READ MORE

tequila flame perennial

New Perennial Selections for This Year

Every year, we team up with the professionals at Hoffie Nursery to incorporate the highest quality perennials into our DuPage County landscape design projects. Check out this list of new perennial picks for this year. Take a Look at These New Perennials for 2020 Delosperma Pink. Ideal for container gardens or ground cover, the Delosperma …READ MORE

viburnum berries shrub

How to Know When to Replace or Rejuvenate Shrubs

If you’re bothered by a few of your shrubs that look more like an eyesore than an enhancement to your landscaping, you’re not alone. There are times when shrubs are planted in the wrong places or are nearing the end of their lifecycle. In these cases, you should ask yourself a few questions. When to …READ MORE

landscape design project

We Finished Your Landscape Design Project, Now What?

If you previously hired Landscape Creations to complete a landscape design project for you, let’s stay in touch. We are grateful for all of the customers and homeowners we’ve met as a result of our over 25 years in business, so we’d like to continue to serve as a resource for you in the years …READ MORE

bartlett case study backyard

Case Study: Bartlett Outdoor Entertainment Area

Design and install an outdoor entertainment area with a water feature and fire pit. Include mature trees and existing heirloom plants within the new landscape design. Outdoor Entertainment Area Challenge Incorporate wooded and shaded setting with mature oak and hickory trees within the area of desired development. Consider sloped topography, at 4-5’ of grade. Connect …READ MORE

landscape lighting

10 Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting Versus Traditional Bulbs

When the sun sets, residential LED landscaping lighting will offer you a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. While traditional bulbs may be cheaper in the short term, the long-term benefits of outdoor LED lighting will most assuredly outweigh your initial investment. Low voltage LED landscape lighting is much more …READ MORE

Wheaton, IL landscape project

Case Study: Wheaton Landscape Renovation

This Wheaton, IL landscape project required us to use a great deal of innovation in order to tie in the remaining plantings and architectural elements with the new. Landscape Renovation Challenge Restore, rebuild, and renovate a landscape that had been destroyed in a tragic home fire while updating the landscape and hardscape to modern trends …READ MORE


10 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Roses in Your Landscaping

When considering perennials to incorporate into your landscaping, few create the stunning impact that roses do. Most roses are either shrubs, ramblers, or climbers. This means that thoughtful placement can make a world of difference when it comes to visual appeal. Climbing roses on a brick wall or trellis. Roses can add seasonal color and …READ MORE

business snow removal

How to Plan for Commercial Snow Removal Services

If you’re a business owner or property manager in DuPage County, be sure to prepare for freezing temperatures long before winter arrives by hiring the right commercial snow removal company. Put safety first by reducing your organization’s chance of being exposed to snow or ice-related hazards such as slips, falls, traffic accidents, and property damage. …READ MORE

outdoor entertainment

Case Study: Lombard Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you enjoy welcoming guests to your home, an outdoor entertainment area can be a worthwhile investment. We can help you create an inviting and practical extension of your living space. For this Lombard-area homeowner, the goal was to design and install an outdoor entertainment area that would provide privacy, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Outdoor …READ MORE

paver deck patio

8 Important Paver Deck Design Considerations

You’re ready to expand your outdoor living space by installing a new paver deck, but want to make sure that the end result is something you’ll love for years to come. Before you hire a landscape designer to install your new paver deck, make sure you’ve thought about a few important things. Decide on the …READ MORE

unilock pavers

How to Select the Best Brick Pavers

Is it time to install a new paver patio, walkway, or driveway? If so, there are a few things you should know about brick pavers, and why the right paver manufacturer can make a big difference in your finished project. The most important thing you should keep in mind when obtaining quotes is that the …READ MORE


Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas to Inspire You

If you’re looking for beautiful DuPage County backyard landscaping design ideas, no need to look any further. Landscape Creations has put together a list of helpful landscaping ideas that you can reference as you start to plan for outdoor home improvements. Incorporate Safe Landscaping Steps While beautiful backyard landscaping design is the ultimate goal, don’t …READ MORE

water lilies water feature

Case Study: Lombard Landscape Design Center Display

If you’re looking for landscape design and landscape ideas, stop to see our professional design center display in DuPage County. Our Landscape Creations design center display is one of the best places to visit for landscaping ideas while getting an up-close view of our quality workmanship. The Landscape Creations design center display features Unilock brick …READ MORE

Landscape Design Ideas For Your Front Yard

An appealing landscape design can add curb appeal and visual interest to your front yard. This is why it’s well worth the time to research landscape design ideas in advance and carefully consider each element you intend to use. If you’re looking for a few simple and sensible front yard landscaping design ideas, you might …READ MORE

stone steps

Case Study: Wheaton Brick Paved Patio & Pool Deck

This timeless Wheaton brick paved patio and pool deck project features Unilock Townhall Permeable pavers, which replaced a high-maintenance wood deck. Hardscape and landscape challenges were successfully addressed while providing an exceptionally beautiful and functional end result. Wheaton Landscaping Project Due to drainage challenges, it made sense for Landscape Creations to construct the new brick …READ MORE

marsh marigold

Best Landscaping Plants For Wet Areas

Do you have an area of your front or backyard that always seems to hold moisture? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t find suitable landscaping plants to beautify that area. Just look for different types of native plants that thrive in wet soil conditions. While you may not be able to find these plants …READ MORE

outdoor barbecue

Design Guidelines For Outdoor Barbecue Islands & Kitchens

Outdoor barbecue islands and kitchens can range from super simple to incredibly extravagant. Some homeowners prefer the basics, but many are fond of entertaining outdoors in a fully outfitted kitchen complete with built-in appliances and seating. Here are a few helpful guidelines to get your outdoor barbecue or kitchen planning started. Outdoor Barbecue & Kitchen …READ MORE

ornamental grasses

10 Favorite Ornamental Grasses For Midwest Landscaping

Ornamental grasses are easy to care for and add a beautiful touch of prairie flair to your landscaping. The below list of ornamental grasses are suitable for the climate and growing conditions associated with USDA hardiness zone 5b, which includes DuPage County, IL. Now is the perfect time to learn more about the different types …READ MORE

paver installation

5 Gravel Base Preparation Mistakes To Avoid

When you build a house, you want it built on a firm foundation, right? Of course, that’s a no-brainer. The same theory applies to your paver landscaping projects. Think of gravel base preparation as the foundation of your new paver patio, walkway or driveway, and treat it as the most important part of the paver …READ MORE

outdoor hardscape

Maintaining Your Outdoor Hardscape

Not only does your hardscape or paver patio add functionality to your outdoor living space, it’s a worthwhile investment that should be protected. One of the biggest benefits of today’s paver and stone products is that they don’t require a great deal of work to maintain. Follow these six steps to keep your outdoor hardscape …READ MORE

cutting garden

How To Grow A Perennial Cutting Garden

The sight of a colorful perennial garden in bloom is one of the greatest rewards of gardening. Sometimes it’s hard not to be tempted to snip off a few stems for a beautiful bouquet. Although, you don’t want take away from the beauty of your flower garden either. What’s the solution to maintaining the look …READ MORE

low maintenance backyard

Simple Tips for Low-Maintenance Backyard Landscaping

You want a beautiful outdoor living space to enjoy, but you’re concerned about the time it will take you to maintain it. We get it. Everyone’s lives are busy these days, but don’t let that thought deter you from making upgrades to your backyard landscaping. By considering these suggestions, you can have a beautiful backyard …READ MORE

rabbit garden

Protecting Your Garden From Rabbits and Deer

Rabbits and deer may be timid around people, but they aren’t afraid to make a buffet out of your garden or landscape plantings when you’re not around. Here in the Midwest, most gardeners will attest to the fact that we often have issues with both. The good news is that you don’t need to use …READ MORE

perennial plants sea heart

6 New Perennial Plants That Anyone Can Grow

Do you find yourself thinking that you have more of a brown thumb than a green thumb? If you’ve had challenges with maintaining perennial plants in the past, that can change. Much of your container gardening or landscaping success depends on the plants you choose to use in your yard. Thanks to some help from …READ MORE

echinacea summer blooming perennials

Summer Blooming Perennials To Plant Now

With the arrival of warmer temperatures, comes a longing for all things bright and beautiful in DuPage County. The spring weather may have you pondering the purchase of new perennials that will provide stunning blooms as the current season transitions into summer. Whether you are starting a container garden or want to replace your existing …READ MORE

yard drainage

7 Easy Ways To Improve Yard Drainage

Having Water Drainage Issues with your Backyard? Having drainage issues in yard, not only causes standing water damage to your grass and the plantings, but it can also be a health hazard. Standing water often holds mosquito larvae and other undesirable pests, so it’s important to correct any yard drainage issues as soon as you …READ MORE

memorial garden

How Memorial Gardens Bring Healing

This subject is a difficult subject for me personally. Over the years, I have planted many things for customers or friends who have experienced a personal loss. Although this time, it happens to be for my own personal healing. I am one of the lucky ones who have had the opportunity to work with my …READ MORE

flower with frost

Tips For Weatherproofing Your Landscaping

Have you thought about weatherproofing your landscaping in preparation for winter? If you haven’t, now is the time. Since you’ve invested time and money into maintaining your beautiful outdoor haven, it only makes sense to take a few preventative measures so that your landscaping bounces back when spring arrives. In particular, perennials and shrubs will …READ MORE

maple leaves planting

Why Fall Means Perfect Timing For Planting Trees

Did you know that fall is one of the best seasons of the year for planting trees and shrubs? While you might think that the arrival of autumn means the end of the growing season in the Midwest, that’s not necessarily true. The cooler temperatures that grace our region during this time of year provides …READ MORE

monarch butterfly

Best Plants For Your Butterfly Garden

It’s hard to put words to the beauty, natural wonder, and life that a butterfly garden can bring to your to your backyard landscaping. Although, it’s important to know that the types of plants you select to attract these colorful winged creatures can make a big difference in the number and species of butterflies that …READ MORE

summer paver patio

Sensational Summer Patio Ideas

Trying to find a few new summer patio ideas that will add both visual appeal and comfort to your outdoor living space? Check out these perfectly palatial suggestions for creating the ideal summer backyard retreat. Summer Patio Ideas Make a small patio space cozy with just a few simple touches. Add a couple of cushioned …READ MORE

lilium full sun perennials

5 Full Sun Perennials For Summer

Have you been trying to find a selection of beautiful, but hardy full sun perennials that will thrive in those extra sunny spots? For starters, it’s best to choose plants that are well suited to your area and climate — this will give them the best chance of success. We’ve picked out a few of …READ MORE

wood pergola

10 Patio Features You Can’t Live Without

From built-in benches to grilling areas, today’s patio features mean more functionality for your outdoor living space. There are a variety of elements that we can incorporate into your new patio design. Outdoor Patio Features If you’re not familiar with the types of features that can be included in a design to create your ideal …READ MORE

landscape waste recycling

Did You Know About Landscaping Waste Recycling?

Most homeowners probably don’t think too much about what happens to the landscaping waste from local landscape projects. However, if you believe in green living or eco-friendly business practices, you might be interested in finding out. Landscape Creations works with a Waste Management facility in Romeoville, IL to recycle yard waste into earth-friendly compost that …READ MORE

phlox pink profusion

5 Perennials To Plant This Spring

With so many different perennials to choose from, how do you know which ones will be the best fit for your front or backyard landscaping? Depending on where you want to add perennial color and beauty to your yard, certain plants will fit better into your landscaping design than others. Learn about five of our …READ MORE

birdhouse in tree

10 Backyard Landscaping Accessories You Will Love

The right backyard landscaping accessories can add charm and personality to your outdoor sanctuary. Keep your eyes open for unique objects at flea markets, garage sales, or art shows. You can often find beautiful pieces that reflect your tastes and interests at reasonable prices. When it comes to backyard landscaping accessories, just remember that less …READ MORE

garden tools

Get Yard Tools Ready for Landscape Planting Season

Early spring is the perfect time to get your landscape planting and gardening tools ready for the upcoming season. If you take a little time to perform a few easy maintenance tasks now, you can save yourself a lot of time, frustration and money later. Pruners Check your pruners for rust after a few months …READ MORE

backyard fire pits

5 Reasons Why Backyard Fire Pits Are Popular

Backyard fire pits have become much more popular with homeowners in recent years. More homeowners are installing backyard fire pits because they provide warmth while adding atmosphere to your outdoor living space. While some homeowners prefer to install a gas burning fire pit because they are easy to start-up and cutoff at the flip of …READ MORE

Concrete Landscape Steps

Why Choose Paved Concrete Landscape Steps Over Block or Stone?

Outdoor landscaping steps should be durable and visually appealing. While you may prefer the look of brick or stone, landscape block or stone steps aren’t the best choice when it comes to durability, maintenance, and flexibility in landscape design. The good news is that a brick or stone finish can be added to concrete steps …READ MORE

Helpful Tips for Landscape Lighting Placement

Outdoor lighting is certainly functional, but it can also add a great deal of beauty to your yard and landscaping. Once you have identified the reasons you’d like to add landscape lighting, it’s a good idea to contact a landscape designer that can help by providing renderings or sketches for best lighting placement. A landscape …READ MORE


Fall Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips

If you are a DuPage County homeowner, you might not be thinking quite as much about your lawn or landscaping now that the kids are back in school and the summer backyard barbecues are over. However, there are a few things that you can do now that will make a big difference when it comes …READ MORE

backyard water features

Creating Backyard Atmosphere With Water Features

Backyard water features have become much more popular in recent years due to the calming sounds and relaxing benefits they provide. At the end of a busy or stressful day, the sound of a waterfall can help relieve built up stress or anxiety. Plus, water features are great way to help conserve the environment and …READ MORE

marigold flower

Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Backyard

When you have a beautiful outdoor living space and like to entertain in your backyard, you don’t want to have to worry about pests like mosquitoes that can put a damper on your outdoor activities. Since spraying chemical insect repellents can create unpleasant and unhealthy fumes, try planting natural flowers or herbs that can help …READ MORE


How to Amend Soil for Spring Planting

Soil quality is the single most important factor when it comes to the success of your garden and landscaping. Healthy soil has the ability to properly store and process water. Poor quality soil, on the other hand, won’t hold water adequately and will make it impossible to maintain plant life. To ensure your garden stays …READ MORE

front yard landscaping steps

Important Things to Consider When Selecting Landscaping Steps

Landscaping steps can be constructed from several different types of materials. However, regardless of the type of material that is used, landscaping steps all serve the same basic purpose — to provide a safe and beautiful transition between two different grade elevations. Before you select the type of landscaping steps to incorporate into your landscape …READ MORE

new landscaping perennials

Beautiful New Perennials to Brighten Up Your Landscaping

One of the best things about perennial flowers is that they come back year after year with proper care. If you’re looking for a few new perennials that are perfect to incorporate into your landscaping because they work well in a variety of situations, we have some suggestions for you. Due to the aesthetic value …READ MORE

hazing pavers

Avoid These Pitfalls When Using Polymeric Jointing Sand

A mixture of sand and polymers, polymeric jointing sand is a product that hardens and seals off paver joints when water is added. Polymeric jointing sand provides a semi-flexible, low-maintenance hardscaping seam that withstands frost, heaving, and prohibits weed growth as well as insect infestations. When a quality polymeric sand product is used and installation …READ MORE


4 Reasons to Replace Your Wooden Deck with a Paver Patio

Is your current wooden deck splintering, splitting, warping or rotting? Instead of spending more time and money in annual deck repairs, invest in a paver patio design that will cost less and look better over the long term. A concrete paver patio will offer you a number of distinct advantages over a wooden deck. Learn …READ MORE

outdoor walkways

7 Tips for Creating Beautiful Outdoor Walkways

A beautiful outdoor walkway or garden path will not only serve the purpose of leading your guests towards the best views of your landscaping, but can also escort visitors from an outdoor patio in the direction of a garden, water feature or secluded seating area. However, not all walkways need to lead to a specific …READ MORE


5 of the Best Container Garden Herbs

A container garden of herbs will add greenery and fragrance to your patio, deck or living space. Herbs are well suited for container gardens because it is easier to adjust the soil based on the needs of each plant. Plus, containers are more convenient for maintenance and watering. Beginning gardeners should start with small plants …READ MORE

pruning tree

Pruning Tips for Landscape Care and Maintenance

Now that you have new landscaping, you will need to know how to properly maintain the beauty of your plants, trees, and shrubs. Pruning plays an important role in landscape maintenance and promotes plant health. The process of pruning helps to remove dead or injured branches, encourages development of strong plant structure, and will keep …READ MORE

vegetable garden

6 Tips for Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

A well-kept vegetable garden not only provides your family with fresh ingredients for recipes and salads, but can also save you money on groceries while functioning as an attractive landscape feature if properly planned. Start small and plan to include a variety of brightly-colored vegetables that will grow well given the fluctuations in our Midwest …READ MORE

container gardening

5 Steps to a Beautiful Container Garden

A container garden is a great way to make the most of limited gardening space. They provide a focal point in an existing garden, and they can tie architectural elements from your home into your landscaping. Placed on a deck or patio, container gardens can also add a splash of color and beauty to outdoor …READ MORE

hardscape pavers landscaping

3 New Unilock Hardscape Updates & Trends

As a Unilock authorized contractor, Landscape Creations has some exciting news to share. Unilock has announced key updates and trends pertaining to its product line and authorized contractor program. What do these updates and trends mean to you as a homeowner who is looking to add curb appeal? They mean a new paver option with …READ MORE

landscape design after

How to Plan Ahead for Landscape Design Projects

Whether you’d like your yard to have a more welcoming appearance or want to turn your boring backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space, it’s important to plan well in advance for home landscape design projects. Lack of knowledge about the process can cause you to feel pressured if you haven’t allowed enough time to …READ MORE

Winter Landscaping

How Will Winter Affect Your Landscaping?

After a cold winter in the Chicago suburbs, you might begin to wonder how your landscaping will be affected after months of ice and snow. The impact of the winter can depend on a number of environmental factors, such as site and soil characteristics, and on the types of plants or hardscape involved. Damage to …READ MORE

stone steps

Glen Ellyn Patio Installation – An Old World Look Using New Technology

Award-Winning Glen Ellyn Residential Patio Installation The Shah family called us with an inquiry about a custom patio arrangement to accentuate their beautiful Glen Ellyn home. I met with them and they conveyed their wish list that included a multi-level layout with a cooking area, intimate seating area, and an outdoor room for dining. Together, …READ MORE