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Did you know that fall is one of the best seasons of the year for planting trees and shrubs? While you might think that the arrival of autumn means the end of the growing season in the Midwest, that’s not necessarily true. The cooler temperatures that grace our region during this time of year provides trees and shrubs with a better opportunity to establish strong root systems before the freezing temperatures of winter and blazing heat of summer return.

When To Plant

  • The best time for planting trees and shrubs is six weeks before the first sign of frost. Make a note on your residential landscaping calendar that the months of September through November will be the ideal time for tree and shrub planting because those months allow allows the roots to become established before the ground freezes and winter sets in.
  • Can you arrange your schedule to plant on a cool, wet fall day? If so, this is even better for long-term shrub and tree planting success. With an increase in precipitation and autumn’s cooler temperatures, less watering is required. As growth begins to slow, trees and shrubs require less moisture because the days are cooler as well as shorter and the rate of photosynthesis drops.

What To Plant

Before you purchase your new trees or shrubs, pay close attention to the hardiness aspects of the landscaping plants that you are considering. Be sure to select trees and shrubs that are suitable for your growing area based on the regional zone hardiness rating.

  • Select burlap-wrapped or container-grown plants rather than bare-root trees or shrubs. Bare-root plants should be planted in early spring while still dormant.
  • Plant deciduous trees and shrubs in the fall, and keep them watered through the winter. Some suggestions include serviceberry, autumn blaze maple, flowering pear, dogwood, and viburnum prunifolium.

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