How To Grow A Perennial Cutting Garden

The sight of a colorful perennial garden in bloom is one of the greatest rewards of gardening. Sometimes it’s hard not to be tempted to snip off a few stems for a beautiful bouquet. Although, you don’t want take away from the beauty of your flower garden either. What’s the solution to maintaining the look …READ MORE

Simple Tips for Low-Maintenance Backyard Landscaping

You want a beautiful outdoor living space to enjoy, but you’re concerned about the time it will take you to maintain it. We get it. Everyone’s lives are busy these days, but don’t let that thought deter you from making upgrades to your backyard landscaping. By considering these suggestions, you can have a beautiful backyard …READ MORE

Protecting Your Garden From Rabbits and Deer

Rabbits and deer may be timid around people, but they aren’t afraid to make a buffet out of your garden or landscape plantings when you’re not around. Here in the Midwest, most gardeners will attest to the fact that we often have issues with both. The good news is that you don’t need to use …READ MORE