How to Select the Best Brick Pavers

Is it time to install a new paver patio, walkway, or driveway? If so, there are a few things you should know about brick pavers, and why the right paver manufacturer can make a big difference in your finished project. The most important thing you should keep in mind when obtaining quotes is that the …READ MORE

Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas to Inspire You

If you’re looking for beautiful DuPage County backyard landscaping design ideas, no need to look any further. Landscape Creations has put together a list of helpful landscaping ideas that you can reference as you start to plan for outdoor home improvements. Incorporate Safe Landscaping Steps While beautiful backyard landscaping design is the ultimate goal, don’t …READ MORE

Case Study: Lombard Landscape Design Center Display

If you’re looking for landscape design and landscape ideas, stop to see our professional design center display in DuPage County. Our Landscape Creations design center display is one of the best places to visit for landscaping ideas while getting an up-close view of our quality workmanship. The Landscape Creations design center display features Unilock brick …READ MORE

Landscape Design Ideas For Your Front Yard

An appealing landscape design can add curb appeal and visual interest to your front yard. This is why it’s well worth the time to research landscape design ideas in advance and carefully consider each element you intend to use. If you’re looking for a few simple and sensible front yard landscaping design ideas, you might …READ MORE

Case Study: Wheaton Brick Paved Patio & Pool Deck

This timeless Wheaton brick paved patio and pool deck project features Unilock Townhall Permeable pavers, which replaced a high-maintenance wood deck. Hardscape and landscape challenges were successfully addressed while providing an exceptionally beautiful and functional end result. Landscaping Project Challenge Due to drainage challenges, it made sense for Landscape Creations to construct the new brick …READ MORE

Best Landscaping Plants For Wet Areas

Do you have an area of your front or backyard that always seems to hold moisture? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t find suitable landscaping plants to beautify that area. Just look for different types of native plants that thrive in wet soil conditions. While you may not be able to find these plants …READ MORE

10 Favorite Ornamental Grasses For Midwest Landscaping

Ornamental grasses are easy to care for and add a beautiful touch of prairie flair to your landscaping. The below list of ornamental grasses are suitable for the climate and growing conditions associated with USDA hardiness zone 5b, which includes DuPage County, IL. Now is the perfect time to learn more about the different types …READ MORE

5 Gravel Base Preparation Mistakes To Avoid

When you build a house, you want it built on a firm foundation, right? Of course, that’s a no-brainer. The same theory applies to your paver landscaping projects. Think of gravel base preparation as the foundation of your new paver patio, walkway or driveway, and treat it as the most important part of the paver …READ MORE

6 Steps To Maintaining Your Outdoor Hardscape

Not only does your hardscape or paver patio add functionality to your outdoor living space, it’s a worthwhile investment that should be protected. One of the biggest benefits of today’s paver and stone products is that they don’t require a great deal of work to maintain. Follow these six steps to keep your outdoor hardscape …READ MORE

How To Grow A Perennial Cutting Garden

The sight of a colorful perennial garden in bloom is one of the greatest rewards of gardening. Sometimes it’s hard not to be tempted to snip off a few stems for a beautiful bouquet. Although, you don’t want take away from the beauty of your flower garden either. What’s the solution to maintaining the look …READ MORE